What is Bad Taco?

Established in 2015, Bad Taco is a collection of cute and "bad"ass merch designed by Nicole Fernandez. Inspired by games, anime, and comics, she wanted to create a brand that incorporated all of those styles into her work.

We do not sell actual food, but we do sell drawings of food on stuff!

Where are you located?

We ship out of The Woodlands, TX, which is just outside of Houston! We do not have a physical storefront, as this is a very small business(run by the creator with the help of family and friends). But maybe someday in the future we will!

How are things shipped anyway?

Small or light items are shipped USPS First Class. Anything a pound or over is shipped USPS Priority Mail. Our shipping days are Mon-Friday. Some holidays we can not ship due to the post office being closed. Please allow up to 48hrs for your tracking number to be updated!

Do you accept returns?

If your package was damaged in transit, you will have to file a claim with the post office. Please make sure to take photos of the damage! After you have done so, contact us so that we can work something out by either return or replacement (please note that sometimes items can not be replaced if they were a limited/sold out run).

If the clothing does not fit, we can provide a replacement(if in stock). You will however have to pay for a return shipping label to return the item.

We do NOT accept returns after 14 days of the item being received.

Why don't you ship to "x" country?

At the moment, there is no automatic shipping calculator for Big Cartel stores. We have to manually calculate shipping costs for each item(and combinations) for each country. It's a lot of work, but we hope to add more shipping options soon!