Image of You Are Loved Holo Sticker Image of You Are Loved Holo Sticker

You Are Loved Holo Sticker


The Pafu gang is here to remind you that you matter and are loved! <3 With the words in a purple foil finish. All purchases of this sticker will go towards The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Porject is a non-profit organization that focuses on suicide prevention in the LGBTQA+ community. This sticker is dedicated to those (and a dear friend of mine) who have taken their lives. If you or a loved one is in need of mental health resources, The Trevor Project and others are great communities and are there to help. You are not alone. <3

Illustration is printed on a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects the sticker from scratching, rain and sunlight! Approx. 4" x 2,5".

Pafu Characters & Illustration ©Nicole Fernandez